Sunday, June 3, 2012

See Me Standing

See Me Standing

There comes a time when you realize
That the best thing to do was to do nothing
To stand still and strong
To not break
To survive the storm
It was not a problem for you to solve
But a situation to live through

A head bowed in surrender
A heart submitted to an indecipherable will
A spirit ready to face tomorrow
Even if tomorrow was not what you had hoped it would be
To live through moments
Of confusion, after a dream has crashed to the ground

My life is not as a blank canvass
Which I alone could write on
My life is a story told
By marks left by many, scarred by paint carelessly splashed on its surface
And I write on the remaining spaces
Overwrite the paints
And try to make sense of what it's become

I am a broken soul
Of a spirit that has fought its heart out
It was never easy to be me
But yes, I'd rather hit bottom this hard
Than to realize I had been simply standing on it all along
Untouched by pain, and also by purpose

I have to push myself off the ground
And remain standing
For what, for whom, for how long
To where next, I am not certain
But for now
I just want this storm to see me standing